Database Development

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Database is the data storage of your system. If it is well-designed then you’re good to go. But, if it is NOT, then you are in a BIG trouble as your entire system will stop working as originally intended.

These are the services I provide you in database development:

  • Database Design - I would draw your database diagram with the relevant tables, attributes, relationships and constraints based on the information you provide me with. This is called the Entity Relationship Diagram.
  • Database Implementation - I would convert the database design into actual tables, attributes, relationships and constraints using either Microsoft SQL Server or the open source MySQL Server based on “You choose!” option. Your database will be provided to you in a .sql file.

If you are looking for a highly qualified and experienced database developer, then please feel free to contact me! It will be my utmost pleasure to work with you in order for you to achieve your goal.